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In many divorce cases, it is the memory of the fierce battle that stays with the spouses. The memories often create animosity toward the other spouse that can last for years and keep the necessary healing from ever beginning. Today, there are a number of alternatives available to the traditional divorce process that allow both spouses to have an equal say in every aspect of the divorce process.

Mediation and collaborative law are two options available to divorcing spouses who are willing to try to work together to resolve their differences. Couples who have chosen these options frequently report being more satisfied with the process and results. In addition, the agreements negotiated in these venues have a history of being more closely adhered to than those litigated in court.

Our Divorce Mediation Services

In a mediation, both spouses typically have consulting attorneys who will not be in the room. They are there to provide advice on any proposed agreements. At The Law Offices of Cynthia Campanile, our Dublin divorce mediation attorneys serve as a neutral third party whose only purpose is to facilitate the negotiations and help resolve any disputes. All issues in a customary divorce are addressed, including custody, support, property division and others.

At the end of the process, a divorce agreement reflecting all of the terms negotiated is prepared and reviewed by the spouses and their consulting attorneys. Once all parties have approved it, the agreement is submitted to the court.

California Collaborative Law Proceedings

The main difference between mediation and collaborative law is that both lawyers are in the room participating in the negotiations, and there is no neutral attorney involved. In collaborative law, both spouses and their attorneys sit down together to work through all disputes. All four parties sign a contract stating their commitment to resolving all disputes without the need for litigation. If an agreement cannot be reached, all four parties walk away, and the spouses start over with new lawyers.

Our attorneys are dedicated to helping couples reach favorable agreements in a collaborative law setting. We are steadfast in our advocacy of your interests. Throughout the negotiations, we will advise you of the pros and cons of accepting an offer or refusing one, staying focused on reaching a final agreement that serves you best.

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